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Three centuries of history to reach a new concept of Wellness



A space where nature and water are integrated with a world of contrasts.


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Relax, confort & health in a unique setting filled with history

A magical place to reconnect with the beauty of an authentic natural paradise which enchants everyone who visits.

Las Caldas Thermal Villa, located in Asturias, 8 km away from Oviedo, is a Wellness Clinic Resort of reference on a national scale.

Its history converts it into a highly attractive place. Created in 1776, it is famous for its natural, mineral-medicinal thermal waters which come from its natural spring, which gave the complex its name and which enjoy immemorial fame due to the gratitude of those who have visited.

40,000 m2 designed for complete guest comfort, an ideal space to relax and do sport in an ambiance which promotes total wellbeing. A hotel whose complete facilities, spectacular natural environment, complete service and variety of health and wellness treatments turn it into a unique place, which is perfect for developing the body and mind.

We invite you to enter the world of Las Caldas, relax and enjoy.

Gran Hotel Las Caldas Wellness Clinic

Surrounded by a beautiful Asturian landscape with large areas of indigenous vegetation in all its splendour, you will find the Gran Hotel Las Caldas by blau hotels. Just 10km from Oviedo, this unique complex integrates health, sport and wellbeing in a historical spa which is fantastic in all senses.

The buildings are a unique example of spa architecture of the XVIII, XIX, XX and XXI centuries and combine two backgrounds, classical and modern, completely differentiated and perfectly integrated. 

There are 79 rooms: 68 double rooms, 2 Jr. Suites, 6 Suites and 3 Deluxe Suites, all fitted with the best equipment and exclusive service to offer guests a unique, personalised experience during their stay.

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Hotel Las Caldas Spa & Sport

Hotel Las Caldas by blau hotels, situated next to Gran Hotel Las Caldas by blau hotels, opened in 2011. What makes it different to its neighbour is the more modern and functional atmosphere that it offers its guests.

Its facilities and location convert it into the ideal destination for guests who wish to take part in amateur or professional sport and enjoy nature. We highlight the service offer specialising in cycling tourism, in a unique environment surrounded by a beautiful Asturian valley.

It has 77 rooms, 66 doubles, 6 Jr. Suites, 3 Suites and 2 Deluxe Suites, all fully equipped and offering an unbeatable service.

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A space which stands out for its originality, its complete wellness service and its unique architecture, inspired by the emblematic Roman Pantheon. The facilities include different hydrotherapy areas and a space which promotes relaxation using water, light and sound.

A universe of contrasts between fire and water, night and day, where water and nature come together perfectly.

We draw your attention to the outdoor swimming pool, heated throughout the year, where you can take part in different aquatic activities, and the large open air and covered terraces where guests can enjoy ultimate relaxation and wellbeing.

For information and reservations you can contact us at 985 798 780 or by email at

* Mandatory use of towel, flip-flops and swimming cap.

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Unique facilities for your wellbeing

Las Caldas Clinic

The complex’s wellness clinic was designed to offer a unique service to improve the health and wellbeing of guests in an integral, personalised and exclusive way. This centre realigns body and mind with facilities and an ambiance that invite guests to immerse themselves in relaxation and tranquility.

The four fundamental pillars upon which the essence of the Las Caldas Clinic are based are:

Healthy eating

Physical activity

Natural therapies

High level of specialisation

For information and reservations you can contact us at 985 798 780 or by email at

Sports medicine

The Las Caldas Clinic defines a new concept of physical activity services, considering different levels, competition or elite, including:

  • Sports medicine consultation
  • Exercise stress test
  • Sports aptitude test

Physiotherapy unit

The Las Caldas Clinic offers advice from a highly qualified team of professionals and complete, efficient and innovative rehabilitation equipment, to resolve a wide variety of complaints.

Nutrition unit

Diet plays a key role in people’s balance and health, particularly in terms of preventative health.

Our expert nutritionists put together healthy, personalised menus to offer guests a menu adapted to their needs.

The foundations of our diet are based on a healthy, varied and balanced pattern, using organic natural and unprocessed products, respecting what is in season at the time.

Traditional Chinese medicine unit

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancestral technique which has been practiced since the dawn of time, subject to constant evolution over thousands of years.

It involves several techniques (including acupuncture, use of medicinal plants, massage, tai chi, etc), known for being effective and safe. These techniques are used all over the world and are endorsed by many international organisations such as the WHO or the American National Institute of Health.

In all programmes offered in the Las Caldas Clinic, wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine is combined with optimal and spectacular results.

Sports centre

The Las Caldas Thermal Villa sports centre has more than 400 m2 of space and state-of-the-art equipment, offering everything that guests need to take part in exercise adapted to each individual. Guests will be constantly supervised by the Las Caldas Clinic team of professionals, in a warm environment which is full of light and beautiful natural views.

There are four clearly defined areas:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength and toning
  • Proprioception
  • Flexibility

Programmes with accomodation included

Putting yourself in the right hands will help you follow healthy lifestyle habits, prevent risk factors and make the most of your physical activity.

With our programmes managed from Las Caldas Clinic, we offer you a customised follow-up so you can reach your main health and well-being goals.

Royal spa

The Royal spa offers modern facilities, integrated into the classic Baths House building.
This is a relaxation that offers guests a wide range of health, beauty and wellness related services, as well as inviting them to enjoy the hydrotherapy area.

For information and reservations you can contact us at 985 798 770 or by email at

Natural spring

The Natural Spring is the core of the Thermal Villa. An original thermal centre, located in the former Baths House in 1776, designed by Spanish architect Ventura Rodriguez, it captures the origin and soul of this spa.

In the thermal Las Caldas Villa, we have recovered the essence of a spa with more than 2 centuries of history, under a unique concept of wellness, created for the XXI century guest. Our mineral-medicinal waters are mesothermal (temperature of 40ºC) and oligometallic (bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium infused).

Due to the properties of our mineral-medicinal waters, we can only use them in some of our treatments offered in our Wellness&Beauty space. If you have any doubts, please contact our medical team.

Columns room

A private thermal circuit, promoting luxury and intimacy. An exclusive space which will transport you back to the classical era. It has one flotation pool, next to which there are different zones: foot bath, rainfall shower, thermal bath, jacuzzi, contrast shower, relaxation zone and a space to enjoy exclusive treatments.

Wellness & Beauty

From the Wellness & Beauty area, our guests achieve a maximum sense of wellness between body and mind.

Our basic wellness programme, combining the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and the most advanced state-of-the-art techniques, turn Las Caldas into a wellness destination of reference. In addition, our own methodology allows us to create completely personalised programmes for each client.

Wellness programmes

Absolute wellbeing.

Tranquility, beauty, pleasure and health in our range of wellness treatment

All of these have been designed to offer an unforgettable experience. The
main objective is to achieve complete wellbeing, adapted to each individual’s

Celebrate your moments with us

Conference centre

Our conference centre is located between the resort’s two hotels and it has 11 multi-purpose rooms which can host up to 300 people. All of these use natural light and high ceilings which mean that stages can be set up in the main room, if this is required.

It also has 8000 m2 of outdoor spaces (terraces, gardens, etc), perfect for hosting any kind of outdoor event.

Viator restaurant

A gourmet restaurant where guests can enjoy exquisite dishes elaborated with top-quality seasonal products, with a touch of modernity to delight even the most demanding of palates.

The restaurant has two private dining areas for 10 and 16 people.

The kitchen in our Viator restaurant also respects the origin and tradition of the products that the chefs work with, and is characterised by its meticulous, detailed elaboration. When selecting raw material, the seasonality and natural state of the products are respected, without compromising on flavour and exceptional presentation.

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